The Stone Thrower

1993, Dunoon, NSW, Australia. Local residents are outraged as a phantom stone throwing vagabond rocks their sleepy town. Ten years on, this is their story.

In 2002 Jenia Ratcliffe (now an ABC Open Producer based in Broken Hill) asked me to help out with the Cinematography on her short film idea ‘The Stone Thrower’. She’d shot most of the preliminary interviews in Dunoon (digital video) and I loved the unfolding story. She wanted me to take on the re-enactments on 16mm black and white film, as well as flesh out some of the interviews on video. This quirky little tale made on a shoe string budget (shot on digital video and 16mm black and white film) went on to tour the world and take out a bunch of technical and comedy awards.

View the 2 minute trailer for a quick taste and a few reviewers comments, or watch the whole film below (13mins).